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Aquarius in Love
January 20-February 18

>>Aquarius is the fixed-air sign. They are progressive, liberal
>>’thinkers’ who also tend to hold onto their thoughts and ideals

>>with tenacity. (The fixed influence) They are generally more
>>comfortable with a friendly love partnership where they feel secure
>>enough to continue pursuing their many varied interests. They are
>>hard to pin down and even harder to get into a solid commitment
>>once there, that fixed influence makes them loyal and trustworthy

>>Albeit with an eclectic influence. Aquarians adore friendships of
>>the impersonal type and usually have a revolving door of buddies.

>>They can be completely enchanted by any one of their new
>>acquaintances and the group they attract runs the gamut from the
>>off-beat and ‘odd’ to the powerful and the wealthy.

>>Your Aquarian doesn’t judge people by ‘what’ they have rather by
>>their principals and actions. Aquarians require someone pretty
>>secure within themselves as they are inherently self motivated and
>>need the freedom to pursue their latest ideal or whim. Yet they can
>>be focused and dedicated to a relationship, especially if they feel
>>accepted and understood.

>>They delight…in delighting and they regale in having a companion
>>who is eager to explore the world of thought and possibilities with
>>them. Freedom fighters with a shared cause build a bond that the
>>Aquarian will guard with strength and conviction. They are also
>>tolerant, lacking in jealousy or possessiveness and will over-look
>>and understand all kinds of human follies and mistakes from their

>>Once they are hurt however, their emotions go off with a flip of
>>the switch that does not ever….go back ! on
. Cold ness is the
>>opposite of Aquarians enchanting friendship/commitment.

Aquarius Sexuality

>>Aquarius is the sign most likely to forget about sex entirely. It
>>isn’t that they don’t enjoy it….they do when they feel
>>comfortable and secure….but there are so many other things to
>>explore with their minds and so little time.

>>When caught in the ‘mood’ they are explorative, frisky and playful.
>>They take obvious delight in the attention their partner gives
>>them. They can be extremely self conscious about their bodies or
>>their sexuality or completely uninhibited and sometimes both.

>>The bedroom becomes a playground to further solidify the bond of
>>friendship that the Aquarian needs in their life and they are
>>delightful companions when they feel good about the union..and
>>about themselves.

The Long Term Story

>>Lots of open mindedness, freedom to pursue their interests and
>>constant input to the friendship are the building blocks for
>>maintaining a long term relationship with an Aquarian.

>>Remember that they are the rebels of the zodiac and if they feel
>>they are being controlled or ignored their defense can be to
>>automatically rebel against any incoming input from their partner.
>>Their natural instinct tells them to do the opposite of what is
>>expected. They jump wholeheartedly into their latest cause but can
>>do about faces so suddenly it takes ones breath away.

>>It’s important to have a ‘go with the flow’ system in place and
>>gradually the Aquarian learns to be more vocal and explanatory
>>about their thoughts, their movements and their actions. They make
>>dedicated and genuinely sincere and warm mates
once they commit and
>>they possess the spark that can keep the friendship a dynamic and
>>ever growing platform to journey into eternity on.

Positive Traits in Love

>>Playful, friendly, spontaneous, open minded, caring, devoted,
>>liberal, understanding, tolerant, benevolent.

Negative Traits

>>Erratic, undependable, self oriented, cold, aloof, mean,
>>self-centered, unable to commit, judgmental, fickle.

What a Aquarius Likes

>>Friendship, Freedom, Intellectual stimulation, Camaraderie,
>>Surprises, Companionship, Feeling understood and Emotional safety

What a Aquarius Dislikes

>>Jealousy, Possessiveness, Control, Ego plays, Narrow mindedness,
>>Being ridiculed, Routines, Fighting/violence Inequality, Being
>>taken for granted Being understood (note: this makes the Likes list
>>as well…they’re unique but you already know that)

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