Help vote for my friends in this contest please!

Kelly and Eddy are the nicest couple I know. Both of them are humourous, fun, understanding and just the sweetest people ever. They do not have a malicious bone in their body and they hardly (in fact never, that i know) stepped on anyone’s toes.

Thus when they told us, the cowboy barflies (this group of people I hang out with) that they were in the running to win a holiday, we all screamed in joy and promised to lend our undying support to help them.

They are in The Perfect Couple contest. Seriously, they ARE the perfect couple I know. I’ve seen MANY couples around me and they are really the perfect couple.

Please please please help to vote for them!

All you have to do is… First “like” Orange Grove Catering on Facebook.

Then you head down to this page…

People getting married leh! Let’s give them a nice pre-honeymoon prezzie.


And click ‘Like’ again!

After that, if you do not wanna get bugged by Orange Grove’s updates or whatsover, you can ‘unlike’ Orange Grove. (but not Eddy’s and Kelly’s picture wor!)


Support k! I will be doing some giveaways soon! No support, no giveaways!

Please help to spread the word too! Every bit helps!

Thanks guys!

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