Yours truly...

eye hurts like f**k.

swollen. its actually not sore eyes. its de eyelid kena infection. by wat i also dunno. its red and i look like an alien. doc says it will recover after a week. A WEEK?!?! i dun have a week. kaoz. contagious. advises me to be careful. kaoz.

had a meeting today. went school in shades. didnt go with de others to food festival though i wish too. still sick so dun wanna take any risks, and went home. oh yah.

happy ten months anniversary dear. couldnt go out coz of eye.

anyway here is wat dear said “dun wanna go out lah. ur eye contagious, wait i kena”,

THANKS AH! bleah. *nad casts de evil eye on everybody*

since being sick, been having one miserable meal a day. and its usually porridge. god. i feel weak and malnourished. GRRRRRR.

wish me well. else if things deteriote, sighz, tis nad wun be blogging no more. muahahahah. TOUCH WOOD!

tats it, im off, time to rest. ciao~

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