Waking up from the wrong side of the bed.

I’m not usually a morning person but when I do get up (after multiple attempts of “five minutes!”), I usually wake up with a smile or be jumping out of bed rushing. (I always tend to snooze too much)

Today, I woke up feeling grouchier than Oscar the Grouch. Maybe its partly due to the fact that I was dreaming of being stung by bees, or maybe it was the fact I dreamt that some stupid biatch got the toilet flooded with big lumps of sh*t or maybe because I had slept in an awkward position that cause my left arm to feel so numb and painful or maybe due to the fact that despite me trying to stay awake till 9am, I eventually fell asleep at 6am and missed Tiger’s call. (We always practice calling each other before boarding a plane, you know… to say love you and whatnots before the flight just incase anything happens. we’re pessimists sometimes…) I’m such a lousy gf.

Grrrr. I’m gonna go back to bed and sleep the day away. Maybe I’ll feel better later.