A dormitory housing 1,000 foreign workers is set up opposite your home. What is your reaction? What will you do?

This week’s Star Blog. Not being politically correct here but here’s what I REALLY feel. Had a hard time deciding if I should be honest or just be tactful.

Here’s my take. 🙂 Yes I know that there are those who are NOT pervy, lusty and all, I have met some who are really friendly and nice. But the thought of SOME of the 1,000 who are the kind that “traumatised” me during my Sec School years just creeps me out.

Because there are those who are actually honest and nice, I won’t say no to the gahmen’s plan of having a dormitory housing for them but I’ll definitely safeguard myself by getting Tiger to walk me home or carrying a pen knife or something to protect myself, JUST INCASE.

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