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What I’ve been busy with.

Aside from grieving, I’ve been catching up with my studies. My HR assignment is due this week (OMG! I have not started) and my RMD midsems is coming soon.

A new job beckons on Monday and I’ve shopped for my “back-to-work” supplies. Formal shirts ticked! Covered heels ticked! Formal pants ticked! Formal skirt ticked! Only thing is that… I realised I bought everything in black and white. OMG. Funeral clothes. -___-”

The Unexpected Chronicles would continue very soon and the results for the Eyelash Treatment Contest results will be out in a day or two!

After Australia, I’ve been getting cravings for Asian food! I can’t stop craving for spicy food!

Updates soon yeah? Let me piah for my HR assignment first. Brrr. I have more than 10 academic journals to read. Zzz time!

What have you been busy with?

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