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The Unexpected Chronicles of Nadia and Jen Jen! – Day 4 Episode 2: We want our camels! (Sunshine Coast)

We were supposed to go Camel riding but sadly, due to the strong winds that day, it got cancelled.

I was VERY VERY VERY VERY disappointed! This was an activity I’ve been looking forward to and been yapping about it nonstop to Tiger and jen jen. 🙁

SADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD! (yes, till today I’ve been feeling sad about the cancellation. I MUST go for a camel ride sooner or later! ROAR!)

So… Jen jen and I went out to grab some lunch and we finally got some fish and chips. As what Jen has mentioned, we seem to be eating more steak than fish & chips. :X

Greedy moi bought 2 slices of pizza as I felt the fish and chips looked rather pathetic. WOAH. turns out I was very very wrong.

While Jen was watching her movie, I was catching up on Gossip Girl, my current addiction. <3 WHEN WILL THE NEXT SEASON BE OUT?!

We were looking for doctors for Jen for she was getting some really bad rashes but we couldn’t find any. In the end, we had to get a doctor from Brisbane to make a housecall. Madness. The bill came up to A$225. Ouch.

Poor girl. She was itching nonstop. 🙁

We both took a short nap and soon prepared ourselves for the lovely dinner ahead.

Jane brought us to the cosy restaurant called Blue Angel and we had some bubbly. I like!

The terrible twins ordered steak. Seriously, what’s new?

This steak was to die for. The sides were delish, the sauce was yummy and the steak was sooooooooooo juicy!

Simply sedap!

I looked so bloated! Can’t be blamed! With all the good food that TA was feeding us like mad, of course I’ll gain weight!

Group pic! Yes, I’ve gotten a nice tan from Australia, I likey! Silly Brent looks so red here!

We then paid our compliments to the chef. Good stuff! If you’re going to Sunshine Coast, you MUST pay a visit to Blue Angel. Seriously, the steak is to die for.

And after all the hard work surfing, you might as well pamper yourself!

Here’s my crazy stalker Brent who hasn’t been stalking me, i think! LOL.

LOL. After standing on the ledge then we’re almost the same height. Brent is really a great travel companion, He’s crazy! (in a good way) and very very sporting.

Shoutout to Brent: Hey! How are you? How was your trip back home?

Loads more of episodes to go! Hang on tight!

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