Ways to get your friends/strangers/readers/colleagues to vote for you!

Master Yoda Nadia decided to speak after a young Palawan Padawan seeks his her advice.

Sheylara says (10:27 PM):
i need your advice dearieeeeee!
nadnut™ [watch!] says (10:27 PM):
yes darling
Sheylara says (10:27 PM):
hehe. how to get everyone to vote for me daily. haha
Sheylara says (10:27 PM):
you had a lot of experience with this for your last contest ah?

So here’s some tried and tested methods!

  1. Spam everyone on msn asking them to vote.
  2. Use this as your msn nick ‘Have you voted today?’. This will remind people to vote.
  3. Irritate everyone in the office by asking them to vote. Bug them to death.
  4. Send a “press-release” to everyone in your email. Press release should include pleas on asking people to plug you in their blogs and of course details on how to vote. In most cases, the websites are usually not user-friendly.*cough*
  5. Blog. I blogged daily then. Press release in one entry and reminders to vote in other entries.
  6. Spam in Friendster and Facebook. Remember to change your Facebook nick!
  7. Spamming in Forums. I only spammed in the Cowboybar then.
  8. Tell them about the great prizes to be won!

Come to think of it, I didn’t use other methods then. Now you can spam people on Twitter, Forums like HWZ and Flowerpod and even Sammyboy if you like? and Plurk and other people’s blogs if you like.

Just be careful not to annoy people! I was pretty pleased when a colleague, a barfly and a blog friend all won prizes from voting for me then. (At least I feel quite better for annoying them everyday to vote.)

Go try these methods!


Anyway, congrats to all finalists of the Omy S’pore Blog Awards!

Time for me to return the favour. Dear Sheylara plugged me during the Unexpected Australia competition so here’s my turn!

Photo kopped from her blog!

Vote for her for Most Entertaining Blog!

There are some great prices to be won. I SOOOOO need a holiday! *cough*

Remember to vote for the most deserving. Go vote now!

3 thoughts on “Ways to get your friends/strangers/readers/colleagues to vote for you!”

  1. Thanks for the advice, darling! You’re the greatest, master nadia and fellow daddy d chick! *wink*

    And thanks for the plug too!

    nadnut: no probs babe! jiayou!


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