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The Pasta Shop at Wheelock Place

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Recently Ching Chong Boy and I checked out The Pasta Shop at Wheelock as we were craving for pasta.

I rebonded my hair! Permed hair or rebonded nicer ah?

Because it was World Cup season, they had special set meals. Guess what was Singapore’s pasta dish?

Chilli Crab!

I chose USA’s! HAHHAHAA.

A must-order. Mushroom soup!

I really enjoyed the soup. Very delish.

The miso soup (that came with my set) was really disappointing. Tasteless and COLD!

Thankfully the other items were much better.

Ccb really liked the Bacon Asparagus!

My Mushrooms, ham and cheese pasta was yummy but the portion was way too much for one person. Had trouble finishing it and Ccb didn’t help! Pffft.

Ccb really enjoyed his pasta and it was different!

We really enjoyed ourselves. I’ll definitely return to The Pasta Shop for another meal, but I’ll skip the miso soup this time!

4 thoughts on “The Pasta Shop at Wheelock Place”

  1. I like your new look, looks fresh!

    Anyway I think I should visit Pasta Shop again soon, haven’t been there for some time. But everything you’ve posted here looks sooooo good! 🙂


  2. The Pasta Shop is one of the underrated pasta places with decent prices and yummy food. I personally like the Tomato Cream base pastas, as the cream sauces are too jelat and the tomato bases are too common… so for something different, you can try that!


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