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that thing about tigers and christmas…


i spent christmas with tiger… it would be my first romantic christmas… previously i have celebrated with my significant other but usually either with a group of friends or his family…

after much discussion, we decided to head to zenden restaurant (located at gallery hotel) for dinner….

i was amused at the decor. it was in pink! my fave colour 😉


pweeeety in pink…. then began our 4 course dinner…

first up was the appetizer..

prawn and aparagus

interestingly enough, it was my first taste of aparagus. but not bad. i love the sauce!

then the soup…

pumpkin soup

i never fancied soups like sweet corn, tomato or pumpkin soup. thankfully, the soup was bearable…

then the main course… there was a choice of turkey, steak or cod fish… needless to say, i chose the steak… so did tiger…


yum! i felt like a queen! pampered with steak!!!


then it was dessert!

yummy dessert

apple pie with vanilla icecream 🙂

was contented… and soon my rose appeared!

red red rose

so sweet! i love dark red roses! 😉

dressed in black

i was dressed in black… m)phosis tube dress. thankfully covered my bulging tummy… yum yum!

roses are red... violets are blue... i love steak... how abt u? ;)

i had a great christmas… how about u? 😉

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