i had a bad migraine from 6pm – 11pm and decided to call it a night with the studies. decided to play a round of mahjong with the parentals for an hour or 2 to “destress”. (i thought my migraine was due to reading too much)

an hour or 2 became 6 hours. 3 rounds of mahjong. sole winner. i must be the queen of 5 tai zimo (or is it zhimo?). have never been so lucky before.

now die. after popping too many panadol extras, im totally wide awake. lets hope i’ll have this luck while battling my ams paper later in the evening.

die. now time to study. shit. shouldnt have played mahjong. on a happier note, i cant wait for friday. uncle ringo with the bsc gang. woooo weeeet!

ok, time to study. many more chapters to go. and the tmd migraine is still here. grrr.

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  1. you can do it! i can’t put all the facts in my head. argh! i wanna go uncle ringo too! 🙁

    we’ll be free, after 8.30pm tmr! can’t wait!


  2. all the best with the rest of the exams babe!! im in the midst of mine as well. =/

    going to perth? have fun! i will be in melbourne whenyou are there.. =)

    take care ok? i wun be back for the break so i will see you yr end! *hugs*


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