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Nadia, how come your hair grow so fast ah?!

LOL! Ever since I blogged a tiny sneak peek of Jayden’s birthday, I’ve been getting queries about my long hair.

No, my hair didn’t grow amazingly fast, I had hair extensions (yes again! hehehe) done. My hair takes donkey years to grow and I kinda got sick of waiting for it to grow till my waist thus I decided to take a short cut!

As you guys know, I’m a big fan of hair extensions. It’s simple to keep and almost fuss free! So now when I’m bored, I get hair extensions and have amazingly long hair and when I’m tired of it, I remove it and I have my normal length! LOL. I’m so fickle minded!

Some pics of my latest hair extensions! Do you prefer it super straight or curled?

Aside from that, Milly’s has lash extensions too. Get vavavoom lashes in an instant!

Milly and me! 🙂

Aside from that, here’s a promo! Get $10 off for eyelashes extensions and free 50 strands for hair extensions when you purchase 100 strands (braiding method).

Just print out the picture! Offer valid till 31/03/2009!

Milly’s Hair Lashes Nails
Far East Plaza
#03-129 & #02-83
For appointment call, 8383 5395

2 thoughts on “Nadia, how come your hair grow so fast ah?!”

  1. i will vote for the curly version, looks pretty on you! I can’t pull off in that look because of my round face 🙁


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