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this is bad…

the good thing is that the migraines on the right side of the head has ceased. for the time being, it seems.

the bad thing is that im feeling rather nauseous and there is a lack of appetite. which is weird, for me.

im feeling giddy, dizzy and my world seems to be spinning.

am half deciding to go off work now or ‘ren’ till the end of the day to see a doc and hopefully get mc for tomorrow.

argh. what’s wrong with me?!?!?!

i dont remember knocking my head on sunday. could it be just a virus?

damn. wanted to puke just now but there were ppl in the washroom.

think i cant wait till 6pm. i feel so giddy now….

update: managed to ‘ren’ till 6pm. going docs soon…

ok docs said its a migraine. bah. migraine causes nausea and giddiness? he didnt even check my head lor! $%#!

8 thoughts on “this is bad…”

  1. hey girl. Mus take care. GO rest more. Got MC? If u feel like puking, Just go to the toilet cubicle to puke. FLush water if u r scared of pple hearing u puke.


  2. er… i used to haf migraine very often…
    but…. how to u suppose the DR should ‘check yout head?’

    *knock knock* good nut? bad nut? ala Charlie & Choc Fac? hahaha


  3. missy> still the same. head aches… will get well soon to meet up with you! *muackz*

    zhebin> hahahaa. dun wan flu. want mc.

    sassyjan> hahaha. like at least check a bit mah… anyway i’m a good nut. =)


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