that thing about confirmations….

firstly, thanks for all the well-wishes and get well soons =)

migraine still killing me. i promised a certain naggy mrkennychan that if the migraine doesnt get well by thursday, i’ll go seek a second opinion.

men these days getting naggy sia. *cough*

and today…..

i received an email from HR!

Hi Nadia,

You will be reaching 6 months’ service on 1 December 2005.

VP, HR Mrs XXXXXXXX would like to meet up with you for a chit chat session.

May I know whether you are available on this Friday 11 Nov at 3.30pm?


this sounds serious! damn! is there something wrong with my confirmation? or did they found out that i have been blogging at work? feel that my work is unsatisfactory? argh! or maybe they think i have been taking too many MCs?

hmmm. or skali got additional dough from confirmation! but i doubt so. they did tell me starting pay is the same as confirmation pay.

maybe i should find my contract and study it again.

this sounds scary!!!!! what if… they dont want me?!?!?! ARGH!!!!!!! *paranoia sinks in*

8 thoughts on “that thing about confirmations….”

  1. hey, at least they even bother to send u an email u see…
    if my employers(slavedrivers so as to speak) would to send me emails like this, i’ll tell them to fire me. =)
    For now, that is. wahha.. =)


  2. all the guys so horrible.

    I wish u the best lah. They jus wanna know how u feel abt the company I guess.

    maybe check out whether it is the company policy for new employees.


    dun worry too much


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