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Things to do before your ROM: Searching for a JP

It was such a headache for me searching for a Justice of Peace (or solemniser) for my ROM. I had read websites and wedding forums that states most JPs only accept booking 3 months before the ROM date and I had foolishly followed suit.

JENG JENG. 3 months before my ROM, I had searched for a JP and ALL of the popular ones were taken up. I didn’t want ANY solemniser because I wanted to make sure the solemniser can speak in English, is funny/jovial enough to lighten the mood. You can randomly search for any JP located near your area if you like.

I have read reviews where certain solemnisers preached and totally spoilt the mood. Some are really tardy and turn up so late that everyone was exasperated waiting for them. I had read that one solemniser even shared Buddhist teachings during the ceremony! I didn’t that was appropriate with my Muslim parents :p

The top 5 most popular solemnisers in Singapore are:

Dr Phua Tan Tee (He solemnised my sister-in-law’s ROM and was very funny! Very loving grandpa feel)
(t) +65 6753 1028
(e) Phua_Tan_Tee@NEA.GOV.SG

Mr Tan Kian Hoon
(t) +65 6221 8288

Assoc Prof Yu Shi Ming
(t) +65 6467 2092

Mr Sim Khee Wang
(t) +65 6563 6081

Mr Lee Keok Boon Peter (He solemnised my friend Charlie’s wedding. Youngish and made a lot of funny jokes. He was my first choice actually)
(t) +65 9791 0598

Unfortunately all were taken up. Grrr all of you bridezillas!

Then began the search for the JP. I read countless of reviews and contacted everyone but most replied they weren’t free. One had a PASSION Run the same day, the other said okay but later mentioned he double-booked himself. GG.

In the end, I found Mr Koh Kok Weng (t)+65 9630 1728.

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It was very comfy talking to him. He was funny, humorous and most importantly, he was creative. He encouraged us to write our own vows which we did ! (Share with you guys once the video is ready)

What do you need to do when contacting your intended JP?

Email, sms or call him/her. Share with your intended JP your wedding details: Date, time and venue and check with him/her if they are available.

If they are, CONGRATS! You’ve found an available JP.

Print out the Solemniser Consent Form and get your JP to sign. You can either fax it over to them or meet in person. Mr Koh himself preferred to meet in person and we wanted that too!

Also take note to ask for his/her buddy Solemniser contact details. Incase you damn suay (*touch wood*), your intended JP can’t make it due to an emergency, at least you’ll have a backup plan.

Once the form is signed, it’s time to file your notice of marriage! And that, I’ll leave it to another post. 😉

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4 thoughts on “Things to do before your ROM: Searching for a JP”

  1. Hi dear! I just realized that we have the same solemnizer! My rom is in less than 2 weeks. Could you share with me more of your experience with Mr.Koh? Whether if he was punctual, fluent in English, and socialize well with your guests? Thank you very much(:


  2. Hi Grace! Mr Koh was very punctual! He was friendly and nice but kept to himself before the ceremony. Jovial guy. Didn’t regret using him! All the best for your ROM! Share your experience k!


  3. Haha I was super kiasu cos I was worried about the date being popular and all, so I contacted the JP abt 6mths in advance. YSM was my 1st choice, but he said he couldn’t. I was Tweeting about it, then my friend told me that his dad is a JP! So we contacted his dad, who was super nice to us and agreed to marry us. nnHe is very kind, jovial, a real gentleman. He also took time out to speak with us at his home, a bit of marriage counselling.nnTAN Kok Hiang Henry – 96642081 –


  4. hi babe! read your blog, went to contact mr koh and he agreed to be my solemnizer! one thing though, i read that he does not conduct the solemnization in pure english. he would do it with a mixture of mandarin as well. is that the case? appreciate your reply, thank you! 😀


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