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Things to do before your ROM: Writing your vows

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If you are gonna get married outside of the Registry of Marriage, you do have the option of customising your vows instead of using the “default” or “standard” vows. I checked with my JP, the lovely Mr Koh and he was so enthusiastic about it! He loved the idea of us writing our own vows and even suggested we do it in different languages since we’re a mixed couple.

We decided to reject his kind idea because my malay cannot make it. LOL.

Here’s some tips on writing your vows!

1) Don’t be too long-winded.

Your guests might be bored to death if you choose to recite 100 reasons why you love your hubby/wife.

2) Be creative!

Just because some couples did it a certain way, you need not do so! Most couples recite their vows one by one e.g. the hubby recites his then the wife does but for us, (Ching Chong Boy’s idea) we recited our vows line by line to each other. That way, it feels more personal, for us to recite to each other rather than chant a whole paragraph.

3) Personalise it.

Feel free to personalise it! We both added in bits of humour (let’s face it, we’re not the sappy lovely dovey kinds) and the whole vows screamed “nadnut” and “Ching Chong Boy”.

For example, here’s a line from mine: I promise to be supportive of your many activities and hobbies, even if it means having to watch every single match during World Cup and yes, Euro Cup.

That’s because, every World Cup, he totally ignores me! Am totally a World Cup widow. Meh.

and for him: I promise to let you buy as many shoes as you want (With your own money)

Let’s face it, i’m a huge shopaholic. My friends all laughed at this line. (BY THE WAY, HE LIED. DURING OUR MINIMOON TO BANGKOK, HE STOPPED ME FROM BUYING SHOES. WTF)

4) Have fun!

Most of all, do not sweat the small stuff. Have fun writing your vows! And needless to say, have fun reciting it to him/her. The first time I read his vows, I really felt like crying. Thankfully we rehearsed it (because of our unique recite to each other vows) else I might have been a bawling baby at my wedding.

5) Write it down

Even if your have a great memory, it would be best to have a hard copy just in case you get stage fright 😡 You can print it out on some fancy paper like I did, or key it in your mobile phone or even write small notes. Even if you need not use it, let’s just prepare ourselves aye?

How were your vows like? Share them with me! Would love to hear them!

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