argh. one of my worst mornings…

i guess i learnt my lesson… do not stay up late to flirt on msn with somebody… argh…

lack of sleep, no redbull makes nadnut a grumpy lil gal…

i feel so ‘seh’ now and the can of redbull on my desk is mocking me.. its saying ‘drink me’ now…. grrr.

tmd. i told him that i desperately wanna drink redbull and you know what he said?

‘move to temptation… for the spirit is strong, but the will is like tofu. my spirit is strong, i sense your weakening willpower’

tmd. he liken my willpower to a tofu for the third time.

this is war. and it doesnt help that he’s horribly chirpy while i feel as if i have a hangover. this is depressing.

tmd. i need to hide tat can of redbull somewhere else.

tahan nadia. tahan.

argh. how can i gonna last the whole day? grrrrrrr.

i hate you!

and he posted this on the bar. tmd u.

drinketh me, says the golden can of red bull
drinketh me as i lie on your table.

Drinketh me and I will fulfill your desire for energy
drinketh me and you will pay for a steak dinner..


yes. all men are EVURL!

27 days till we will be back together my love…

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