Here’s a Secret.

As part of LG’s blogger’s programme, I got a chance to use the LG Secret for a certain period of time. So here’s my unbiased view on the phone itself.

LG’s Black Label series has spawned another beauty in the form of the LG Secret, otherwise known as the LG KF750. Boasting a combination of both cool design and smart technology, the Secret is definitely no bimbo with its slim form factor that’s 11.8mm thin and uses tempered glass and the carbon fiber to add on to its sleek and sophisticated design.

Features wise, the Secret comes equipped with a 5.0 mega-pixel camera and boasts of a 120fps video recording and playback. Aside from that, the Touch Media function enables one to access other multimedia functions at a touch of a button which basically means you can multitask! The LG Secret has a built in accelerometer which makes playing games really fun. Try your hand at any of the pre-downloaded games such as darts, magic ball, maze or fishing.

Lastly, the phone comes with Bluetooth, 100MB internal memory and an expandable external memory with a MicroSD card slot so that means you’ll have lots of space for pictures and videos. Of course, it’s not a perfect phone as I do have some grouses with the lagginess of the UI and the fact that it’s a fingerprint magnet of doom, but hey, it’s still a job well done by any standards!

In simpler terms, I like it because it’s slim, pretty and easy to use and I dislike it when it hangs on meh on important moments. It’s not too bad. I guess I’ll stick with this till my next phone purchase? I really like the phone but I guess a PDA phone would be better for me as I need to access emails always. Maybe an iPhone? But NO WAY am I getting the plans from SingTel. Madness.

Ok I’m done blabbering. Enjoy your weekend!

4 thoughts on “Here’s a Secret.”

  1. i’ve tried the iphone 3g on singtel – dun bother till Apple updates the firmware. 3g reception is v bad lor – e.g. drive CTE tunnel can actually lose signal.

    not to mention strangely the iphone performs much much faster on starhub 3g than on singtel: when it does connect that it.

    dunno whether its e singtel network that’s stuffed up


  2. Dun even think about Singtel!!

    I am PISSING mad at Singtel’s monopolistic behaviour. Some lame excuse about irregular payment patterns, and they require me to pay a deposit of $800 to sign up as a new mobile customer with Singtel for the first time in 10 years! And whats even more ridiculous, you can negotiate the $800 down to $500 and finally $300. Has Singtel became the new Pasa Malam??

    I really regretted I signed up 2 broadband accounts with Singtel, having moved from Starhub.

    End of the day, I decided to walk away, take back my deposit. If I buy direct from the states, its only SGD$288.



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