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the uber belated anniversary post.

remember this?

yes, my dear readers have spoiled tiger’s surprise. thats what i tot.. but turns out that i was in for a bigger surprise…

tiger kindly picked me up from my place (a big treat considering the fact that he hardly picks or sends me back home) and looked at me grumpily saying ‘you already know where we’re going *mumbles grumbles*’.

outfit of the day!

black and red top which dory kindly helped me order in a spree, my fave blue jeans and my new puma bag.

after a very long train ride.. (from bedok to jurong east), we finally reached the venue.

tiger scared me when we were on our way to fuji ice palace. he suddenly pointed to kbox and told me we would be going there. those who know me well will know i dont karaoke. the last time i was forced to sing, i croacked like a frog and everyone ended up singing with me. it was that terrible.

im better off shouting cheers than singing. and i dont sing. at all. *shivers*

thankfully we headed to fuji ice palace instead.

nadnut on ice.

here’s the big surprise. tiger cant iceskate for nuts! (pun intended). the last time i iceskated was a good 2 years ago and it was my first time then!

tip of the day. if you have a very naughty gf and when you suck at iceskating, do NOT bring her iceskating for she WILL push you, make you frightened by spinning you and laughing at you.

what? did you expect me to be the “awwww poor baby” kind of girl? you gotta be kidding. *facepalm*

i had a good time torturing tiger. its not that i’m good on ice, in fact i think i was bad, i cant stop properly, i dont know any moves but the only thing i had was i wasnt afraid of falling.

i was happily spinning around tiger making him dizzy, pushing him and laughing at him. hurhurhur.

he says he’s never gonna bring me iceskating anymore. bah.

we then played some arcade games. it was simple fun. it has been a long time since we just had fun instead of the usual movies and makan. well, i dont mind the makan bit of course. =D

tiger’s 2nd surprise was our dinner venue. i had no inkling at all. no clues. nada. zilch.

from this pic, can you guess where we were?

yesh, not much clues… lol.

we were at…………

CARNIVORE! i have heard about this place from shemmy boy for a very long time! totally didnt expect him to bring me here. i tot he would have brought me to some steakplace or something. lol

first up, a bit of background info about carnivore.

basically its a buffet but its rather different from those grab and eat kinds.

the only thing Carnivore has in common with normal buffets is that the salad bar. free flow. i finally found my fave pickled onions! the last time i had a taste of pickled onions was at jireh’s place, say in 2002?

some of the stuff i took from the salad bar. DO NOT take too much from the salad bar. you WILL regret it. believe me, i regretted taking those.

we were give a small card which had yes and no on them. basically how it goes..

this card will mean that you’re on for the meat!

and this will mean you’re a weakling and you cant stomach anymore meat.

you know those kebab stalls? you’ll see a big piece of meat on a skewer? imagine this, men walking around and slicing pieces of meat for you. you need not move at all. *piggy self*.

i tried so many parts of beef and pork! so shiok! for more information, check out their website.

we were given this… apparently the powder thingy on the right is for you to put on the meat when you think its too oily. the middle is some sort of cheese balls which tasted weird to me and on the left is some non spicy salsa.

some of the meat taken. this was like half of what i’ve eaten. *burp*

it was damn good but after a while, when the meat is cold, it tasted salty and oily. so eat it when it’s hot!

everything ended nicely with a good dessert. i had the sorbet while tiger had the icecream.

the whole meal came up to about 50 per person? it was quite good and i enjoyed myself tremendously. ๐Ÿ™‚

nadnut’s rating on ambience, food, service and value for money:

if youโ€™ll like to check out the place, hereโ€™s the details:

Carnivore, CHIJMES
30 Victoria Street, #01-29A
CHIJMES, Singapore 187996
Tel: 6334 9332

7 thoughts on “the uber belated anniversary post.”

  1. oooh. i’ve been here 2x! once on carnivore’s expense (we were doing a restaurant review heh heh) and the next time was… uh… can’t rem. hahaha! ๐Ÿ™‚ but had great experience both times. their mojitas is pretty good too! ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Hahahaha!! Poor tiger…..not. It must be fun to keep spinning him around. Hahahaha I think I am masochistic. LOL.

    I like Carnivore!! I have been to the one at Sunset Way. To say I had been a pig is a gross understatement. ๐Ÿ˜›


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