a fresh new start?

many a times, most of us are afraid.

afraid of what? a new beginning. why so?

most of us are stuck somewhere, be it a job, a relationship, a sucky friendship, memories of the past because we are afraid of moving on.

we are stucked in the past for so long that it’s hard to do anything else. maybe we’re afraid to do so for we’re afraid that what we have might be the best things we have had. and what if we regret moving on?

for close to 2.5 years, i was having a love-hate relationship with emco. many a times, i was considering leaving emco but i was in a way, afraid to do so. friends and family have told me to endure and to stay on. good for the resume they said and stability.

but that was not what i wanted. but i stayed despite knowing better. thankfully there were some changes that in a way, woke me up, i then decided to leave which came as a surprise to everyone i knew. just because i didnt complain about the job, doesnt mean im happy. (anyway dont you think, those who keep complaining about the job and keep saying they want to quit, just never quits? i know of some ex-colleagues who have been saying so since day 1 and till today, they’re still there.)

and in a way, dont you think many of us have been guilty of staying just because? like in relationships and jobs.

infact myself, i have embarked on a fresh new start on one aspect of my life. its different and honestly i am not used to it yet. but i’m giving myself time. and hopefully it’ll pay off. wish me luck. 🙂

if life is without challenges, wouldnt we not treasure or savour the rewards?

one meaningful quote i saw from facebook: “we need to dwarf our troubles and magnify our blessings – Humphrey B. Neil.

3 thoughts on “a fresh new start?”

  1. Change is always exciting and frightening. It does take courage to admit that something is not right and to do something about it.

    However, change is also the only constant, so keep on trucking! 🙂


  2. I always believe that happiness is top priority at work. If you’re not happy, you won’t look forward to go to work and when that happens you won’t be able to do your best. And then you kena scolding, then you’ll feel worse lol.

    You did the right thing. Brave too 🙂


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