Friends Yours truly...
i’m back. exhausted and sick. feel sick due to overworked and lack of sleep.

can u imagine? i worked till 3am on friday and till 1am on sat?

i even dreamt abt de event… scary..

anyway, a conversation between B and C.

regarding about husbands going overseas for some ‘business’.

C (a gal): i wont bother sniffing my hubbie’s clothes to try to find some ladies perfume. i trust him.

B (a guy): please lor. i bet your hubby would be smelling your clothes instead!

yes. i’m C. for crystel.

bah. am i the sort? do i seem like de sort?

as in, seem like the sort to cheat or make my guy jealous? or suspicious over my every movements?

perhaps next time, i should hang out with more girls instead. thats when i give whats left of my fragile heart to another.

hmmmm. would u be the jealous sort and not let your gal hang out with her guy buddies?

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