Friends Pictures

party was on saturday… much thanks to ah tan who came early to help out 🙂

was a mad rush as i had to rush to 3 different places to pick up stuff..

so far everything went well and i was reallie glad to see lotsa frens…

so many ppl came! all spread out outside and inside..

so sorry that i didnt spend time with all of u guys… anyway, pics galore k?

sad note though… i dropped my camera coz of someone (yes, its u jireh) and there was a big chip. argh.

yes, careful me who screamed at everyone who touced my lcd screen dropped my camera.

lol. and de same fella saboh-ed me. SOBZ..

here’s de pics from my bdae chalet…

me and dearie at pearl’s chalet…

next up… cake cutting ceremony!

me gorgeous bdae cake!

me, me and me! 😛

mr. coconut and me!

bsc peeps! so many of them!

me classmates!

my obs gang!

tpsu… eh vincent! betrayer! LOL…

htm gang!

graduated tp peeps!

blogger frens…

working peeps… doesnt my boss looks gorgeous? 😀

next up is sad pictures of me being punk’D by mr jireh lee wenqiang! (hope i got his chinese name right).. please whack de fella next time if u ever see him! LOL

n^D got punk’D… SOBZ! check out de look of resignation in de first pic..

me and sweetie pearl!

obs gang…

jireh and me… (remember tis evil face)

blogger frens and me…

food comm and me!

anyway, today (tuesday, 8th feb)is my actual birthday..

went to cgh in de morning for my hospital checkup… doctor says im 95% healed!

so so so happy!

went windowshopping for a while… and met dearie after tat…

went to watch constantine… great movie!

i recommend it! hmmm. feel like watching it again!

went to walk walk and dear wanted to buy my prezzie… unfortunately, it seems tat 90% of shops were closed..

in the end, i went to his place to watch ‘cruel intentions’ which kenny was raving all about..

took some pics and left for home in a cab..

oh well. pics here…

dearie and me..

oh well… feb 11th coming soon… 🙁

sidenote: i wanna go cut bangs!

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