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the terrible twos.

*reminder to self: start your birthday with a smile and u’ll smile more thruout the year*

i received a sweet birthday card from one of my very few readers who has been emailing me constantly. thanks thomas from washington!

thanks for all the wishes! *hugs*

let me finish my work today (tmd. today still must work) and ill party the night away!

i dont wanna be in the terrible twos. i wanna be forever 21! *cough*. nabei, i feel old already. grrrr.

to a great year! (i hope!)

and you! better declare a cuddle! u know who you are! *ROAR!*

and yes, tiger has just called me to wish me ‘happy banana cakes’ -_-“.

terrible twos!

surely, im entitled to camwhoring on my birthday aye?

muahahahaa. i was given a cuddles coupon by mr kenny sia himself.

view here for the coupon!

if your too lazy too… here’s what it says..

I, Kenny Sia, of, hereby declare a birthday cuddle for Nadia, of, redeemable anytime between now and 8th February 2007.

Terms and Conditions:
1) Only one cuddle per coupon
2) This coupon must be printed out and presented when redeeming your cuddle
3) No photocopies allowed.
4) Cuddles are strictly non-transferrable, ‘cos KingMeng might use it.

aye aye. i wont give the coupon to kingmeng!

14 thoughts on “the terrible twos.”

  1. i wanted to wish you happy birthday until i saw “I feel old already”….. nb. 22 was like dunno how many years ago for me. sobz….

    but u have fun anyway! =)

    nadnut: *cough am old liaoz. i see those teenagers everywhere! cough* keke. thanks!


  2. I think i will scream when it’s my birthday.. I am old~~~

    Happy Birthday!!

    nadnut: hahahaa. alrighty! must scream wor!


  3. I, Kenny Sia, of, hereby declare not one but TWO birthday cuddles for Nadia, of, redeemable anytime between now and 26th February 2007.

    Terms and Conditions:
    1) Screw terms and conditions. ‘cos the last one expired before she could use it. PAISEH!


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