the birthday that never felt like one.

the birthday didnt seem like a birthday.

seemed like any normal day. but then it IS like any normal day. in the end, there was no mood for any celebrations. dinner seemed like any normal day.

what a way to begin a brand new year. *hip hip hooray.*

now. time to catch up on sleep. 12-15 hours naps here i come!!!!!

now, thats something to look forward to! 😉

3 thoughts on “the birthday that never felt like one.”

  1. 12-15 hours of sleep? u dun call that nap.
    you call that hibernation.

    Happy Birthday !!!!!!!!!

    nadnut: hahahaa. then hibernated i did. keke. thanks!


  2. You were busy for a good cause… Cheer up!

    nadnut: wah! ur commenting on me blog! lol. yes, its for a goooood cause… lol


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