she never woke up again…

blood was all over the room. it was over the sofa, the carpet and all over the floor.

she grinned. a maniacal smile. she had used the razors to cut herself. many slits across her wrists. for no rhyme or reason, she decided to cut herself for fun. she had nothing to do and there seemed to be nothing much to live for.

it was amazing how much it didnt hurt after the first slit. it was as if the body had knew then that there were many more cuts/slits to be made and had released some kind of defense mechanism to numb the body.

she felt nothing as she cut herself once again. she laughed at the sight of her stiffy mum’s precious furniture stained with her blood.

“boy, that must be a bitch to clean off” she laughed to herself.

she took a swing from the bottle and let go of the bottle. she watched the bottle crashed onto the floor and the red wine splashed onto the very expensive persian rug.

“oops!” she giggled.

she soon felt drowsy, she stumbled onto the sofa and laid down. she reminded herself to polish down the cake in the fridge when she wake.

but, she never woke up again.

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