updates of mydreamd8….

Sel and BabyCin from the female contestants were voted out…. argh! BabyCin, i didnt give 2 hoots abt her… but SEL!!!! oh man… i support Sel man… grrr…. bleah. i feel tat PixiePosh is undeserving to be in de last 4… she neva updates her blog regularly and her blogs are boring… sheesh… Sel is more deserving to be in…. well, i dunno whther de rumours of posh’s mum voting for her is true… GRRRR

Aesvalone de flirt from guys contestants were voted out. THANK GOD!!!!!

anyway, im gonna vote for Janice though i neva supported her coz i dun wana tat posh to win (seriously, her blogs are bland) and for guy23 who is a nice guy. infact he was one of de maincomm for TPSU in TP. he was de main comm and incharge of my empire when i was a year one.

So to all those dreamd8 voters, vote for Janice and Guy23.

sad for sel,

Sel, dunno if u read tis, but u deserved to be in de final four… sighz…

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