Free Agnes B bag with Steady Magazine

My first “Cheap thrills” piece!

I decided to start writing about my cheap thrills because friends were bemoaning about how expensive items are getting. While as much as I love having quality items, I’m more of a quantity person!

Which explains why I always spend very little for each item e.g. clothes, accessories etc. Only once in a blue moon, I would splurge on an item.

So whenever I find something which is cheap (to me), I’ll share them!

My first item isn’t a clothing item! Wahahahaha! It’s a magazine!

If you’ve visited Kinokuniya, you would have seen thousands (ok, not thousands, i’m exaggerating!) of Japanese magazines with lovely freebies. They always come with some beautiful bag, umbrellas, pouches or makeup!

I first found out about Steady Magazine from Evonnz when she tweeted about it.

It comes with a lovely Agnes B bag and bag hook!

Needless to say, I trotted over to Kinokuniya and bought a copy of Steady Magazine, December Issue at $17.50.

Unboxing pictures.

The bag hook is so pretty!

I thought the bag would have been bigger but it’s a cute size. Perhaps to dapao lunch to work? :p

I think for $17.50 for a nice bag, a bag hook and a magazine is quite worth it! Bag hooks are usually more than 10 bucks? If you don’t like it, pack it up for a gift!

For those who were wondering, Steady Magazine has lots of pictures of clothings, makeup, etc

I spy sister brand Ettusais!

And here’s my cheap thrill for the day! What’s yours? If you have any, please share them with me!

6 thoughts on “Free Agnes B bag with Steady Magazine”

  1. whoa i wished there’s a kinokuniya in IMM. ):
    Used to be able to grab jap mags during lunch when i was working at wheelock/paragon now cannot liao!


    nadnut Reply:

    Want me to grab them for you? There’s a Kini near where I work!


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