have finished my thesis… feel much much betta… anyway, updates on my blind date!

i was supposed to meet mark @ PS at 7.30pm to take a cab to Holland V. but because i ended my group meeting late, i also went home late and was soooo bad luck 2 miss my buses and trains… and i arrived at PS @ 8pm!!! i was soooo bloody late… of course he already left, thus i had to take a cab from PS to Holland V… bloody ex! cost me abt 10 bucks plus…. GRRRRR… reached de place @ 8.20pm… he was already there… looked so much different… much much much betta looking than his profile pic… we hit off very well.. chatted a lot… lucky he is not a typical chinese speaking fella.. he’s english speaking and speaks with a nice accent…

our dinner consisted on seafood pasta, 2 slices of heavenly choc cake with ice cream and a whole bottle of white wine… we chatted till 11.30pm! which was de time de restaurant closes.. and finished de whole bottle of wine! since he lives @ serangoon, i decided to hitch a ride from him to my dear’s place… and stayed over his place supposedly to do my thesis as it was quite late and if i was to go home from commonwealth to bedok at tat time, i definately have to pay taxi! i was damn damn broke by then… but, de bottle of wine made me feel sleepy thus fell asleep at dear’s place! argh! i was supposed to do my thesis,…. grrr… slept like a baby though… it was overall a great experience! and de company was definately great! kk.. there u go! i shall now write a thank u letter to justdate!

u guys should sign up!

if u guys wanna knoe abt de service, feel free to ask at my comments box yah?