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The Unexpected Chronicles of Nadia and Jen Jen! – Day 5 Episode 1: Rain rain go away! (Sunshine Coast)

It rained in Australia! Which was a good thing for them (for Australia is suffering for a severe drought) and a bad thing for us.

Jen jen and I wanted to do some exploring but it was raining heavily this we decided to just sleep in a bit.

We then went for our very late breakfast, brunch even! We reached about 15 mins before they closed up the buffet! It was a delish breakfast, hashbrowns, bacon and tomatos, a great combo!

We waited till the rain stopped and dashed off to do some quick shopping. Like what Jen has mentioned, we went crazy at Moombasa and even seduced poor Jane Doe to go mad with us.

Then off we went for a long drive to Brisbane. I seriously hate car rides. I have motion sickness and I’ll feel like puking whenever I’m in a car for more than 30 mins. Thankfully I have this superhero ability called Sleepwhenever and I managed to concuss in the ride.

Thankfully no paparazzi for this ride!

Next episode! Brisbane!

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