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The National Geographic Store – More than a Store

I am beginning to live up to my nickname as the super belated blogger. Oops.

If you guys have been walking around Vivo City, you would have noticed a very interesting store but more about it in due time…

I was invited amongst other bloggers to have a sneak peek of the NatGeo Store in mid December and we had a treat waiting for us.

There were a convoy of SUVs waiting to pick us up from Newton Circus to the store.

Tania and her fab ride. I wanted to get a ride with her but someone “chopped” her already. Instead I got a ride with the big black one. Many jokes were thrown at me after that. I’ll leave it up to your imagination. 😉

Group pic!

The ride was interesting despite the horrible traffic. Zac (my designated driver for the lovely trip) was great company.

I spy Veron with my lil eye! She looks absolutely radiant!

We soon arrived at the store…

I was extremely fascinated by the store. I felt almost like a little kid in a candy shop.

Instead of a traditional retail environment, the whole store concept brings to mind of a museum.

There is always something to touch, something to see and something to feel. Maybe this is why

Maybe it’s time to pick up a few books here. I’m itching to travel again!

Beautiful pictures that will be replaced from time to time…

Clothes and furniture for sale…

Aside from selling items like clothings, furniture, cameras, accessories, adventure items, National Geographic will also regularly organise public lectures and free film screenings from time to time.

I had a go at the Cold Room. Basically the room was of extreme temperature and we could try out their apparels and feel the difference before buying them.

You could see how fast my body temperature was dropping.

But there’s always time to camwhore. 😉

I absolutely adore this jacket. Keeps me warm and it isn’t bulky like most jackets.

I really enjoyed myself during the preview and I’ll be sure to check out the NatGeo store from time to time.

Camwhoring with Nicole and Pat. 😉

With Pat, EastCoastLife and Tania. 😉

Thanks to Pat Law, Tania, Brian, Emily and everyone else that I may have missed out. It was fun and really lovely. 🙂

Do check out the NatGeo store soon. Psst, the store makes a great camwhoring place. 😉

4 thoughts on “The National Geographic Store – More than a Store”

  1. beanmaster: It’s a small world. Missing you too. *hugs*

    Pat Law: See you soon! 😉

    eastcoastlife: Oops! Teacher ECL is gonna scold me liaoz. 😛


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