healthy nad part 2!

went to gym today! cycled 1km and ran 1km and did lotsa sit ups and de stair-master wiv mira! had a long bath… then tried some of colin’s mum shepherd pie (which he brought for his darling rachel but i stole a bite! hahahaha~) and its too die for… yummy! *licks lips*… shiok shiok! then went to buy mich’s present! hee. cant say much JUST INCASE she reads blogs. not tat she has my link but u neva knoe man! hahaha! i LOVE her present! i want it! *nad gives guilty look* … patience… shall reveal de present on friday after her bdae… sighz! happily enjoying me story books… arm still aches coz of de drasted blue black. grrrr! anyway, tink next week shall slot in swimming! hahhaa! and squash too! would love to learn it~ … back to my books (sound as if im studying).. reading my fav author NORA ROBERTS!… woot woot!

*acts smarty pants*

feels good working out cept for de smelly guys in de gym… hahahaa!

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