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Cruising on the HTC Touch Cruise 2009.

Nuffnang together with a joint promotion with HTC offered yours truly with 4 other bloggers the opportunity to play with the HTC Touch Cruise 2009.

While it was my first time using the Windows Mobile platform, I found myself adapting rather quickly to the phone.

Here are some key features of the phone that I really liked.


Remember those times where you received a message from a friend and you have no bloody idea to what he/she means?

Kiss goodbye to those blur blur times! The whole message conversation is available at a glance. I hate scrolling through hundreds of messages trying to find a certain message. With this feature, it is definitely neater!

Aside from that, you’ll be spoilt for choice over the numerous different ways to reply.

You can use the conventional phone keypad.

Or the keyboard…

Or Full QWERTY….

My favourite would have to be the Compact QWERTY keypad.

Another thing that I was really happy about was for the fact that I need not cut off my nails to use this phone unlike a certain *cough* phone we all know..

I can use the stylus which is provided…

Or even reply messages using my nails.


Syncing up emails is really a breeze. I like being able to access my emails anytime. Btw, don’t you think that the mail appearance is really cute? 😉


The HTC Touch Cruise 2009 comes with a 3.2 megapixel camera with a geotagging feature. Before I talk about Footprints, I like how there is a people page where you can save pictures of the people you usually contact. It is basically looks like a collage of my favourite people.


Remember the geotagging feature that I mentioned? Here’s where it comes in handy…

One of the key features of the HTC Touch Cruise 2009 is the HTC Footprints. How it works is that you take a picture and it’ll save your location.

With the coordinates and everything. There is even space for you to include little details about the location for instance, perhaps Vivocity has this lovely thai food that you adore? Include those thoughts in and save the location into the different categories available: Favourite, Shopping, Dining, Leisure and Others.


I like the shortcuts feature, I can include my favourite games or programs and access it easily instead of scrolling thru numerous pages to find what I want.

This girl just wants to play Solitare PRONTO at times. 😛


Last but not least, the size of the HTC Touch Cruise is really great. Small and yet handy. I really can’t imagine how did they cramp all of these features in such a small device!

The HTC Touch Cruise 2009 retails at $858 and is available at most major telco shops.

For more information on the HTC Touch Cruise 2009, do check out their official website 🙂

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