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the mask

>a different version… inspired by you

everyday she wore a mask. a mask for all to see. the mask is painted happy. always smiling.

she seems like a social butterfly to many. happy and fun to be with.

however deep inside, she was insecure. she was scared of the faults that everyone would see.

scared that once they get to knew the real girl inside, she was just as plain, as boring and as dry as the others.

though she was smiling on the outside, she was crying inside.

everytime she was admired, she felt like a fake. for in reality, no one will ever notice the plain girl she was.

no one will ever talk to the shy and quiet girl she really was. however everyone will want to associate themselves to the outgoing girl she pretended to be.

her mask helped her to get thru life.

however she wasnt happy. no one wanted to get to know the real girl she was.

one day, she was tired of smiling when she didnt want to. she decided to take off the mask.

she tried taking it off but it seemed stucked to her face.

she tugged and pulled but it refuses to budge. she pulled desperately at it.

suddenly she felt a sharp pain. she looked down to her hands. her hands were filled with blood. a little bit of the mask was pulled off.

she became desperate. she pulled and teared at her face. she felt no pain anymore.

she had to take it off. it was eating into her face. the mask had became a part of her.

finally, she managed to tear every bit of the mask off.

she walked to the mirror. blood was flowing everywhere. nothing was left of the mask.

she looked a sight. she fell down to her knees and wept.

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