A bad experience with a CityCab driver.

I hate writing complain entries but when things get toooo much, hell hath no fury like a woman blogger scorned.

Quite some time ago, 24th January, 4plus, I headed over to Ikea Tampines to pick up some items. As we were running late, my colleague decided to take a cab. (BAD IDEA!). She was heading to SingPost while I had to head back to Bedok. As she got into the cab, she asked the CityCab driver, a Mr Yong Kek Yen of SHC 5 B whether we would pass by any MRT stations say Bedok or Tampines. Obviously Mr Yong was deaf for he did not respond at all. I then asked him the same question, and as everyone who knows me, my voice is definitely not soft at all.

Mr Yong then grunted and nodded in response. HO HO! Turns out that Mr Yong wasn’t deaf but he was mute! He could only grunt in response despite me asking nicely. Since he replied positively, I decided to hitch a free ride from my colleague. Throughout the whole ride, Mr Yong was scowling away. Not a friendly driver at all.

My colleague and I decided to ignore the scowls and made the best out of an already unpleasant journey. Later I realised that our cab was zooming away… Not towards Bedok or Tampines but towards Eunos already. OH MY! Looks like Mr Yong not only was mute, he was also forgetful! I then asked Mr Yong, why did he not tell me that he wouldn’t be passing by Bedok or Tampines. HO HO! Mr Yong then asked angrily “Then what do you want me to do now?!”. HO HO! Turns out that Mr Yong was not mute at all! Amazing! Since he has displayed traits of being mute and dumb but turns out that I was confused! It was actually traits of an idiot!

To be honest, if Mr Yong wasn’t intending to pass by Bedok or Tampines MRT, I would have just waited for the shuttle bus but he chose to nod yes perhaps just wanting us to jump into the cab. Infact I told Mr Yong that and he just ignored me. Instead of being apologetic, he was bloody rude.

IS THIS THE KIND OF SERVICE WE ARE GETTING FROM CITYCAB?! It’s bad enough that the cab fares not only cost a bomb, now do we have to tolerate rude service from such cabdrivers too?

Years ago, I made a complain to CityCab and they did not bother following up. That is why I did not bother even making a complain to them this time. They’ll probably just chuck it away.

Does it take writing in to newspapers to get a reply? Maybe that is why more and more people rather complain to the newspapers.

Instead, I rather blog and spread the message via word of mouth.


  1. My bad experience just days ago…took me for a ride. From my place to my gf’s place is usually bout +/- $10… this smrt cab fellow, skipped the SLE, went onto the PIE, instead of the usual SLE, exit Thomson.

    When i asked him (obviously too late, he was speeding past the SLE exit on the BKE towards the PIE), he grunted going by Lornie Road. Wtf…

    extra distance, extra costs. I end up paying like about $4 more. This is my countless bad encounters, and it’s always SMRT cabs. Damn irritating. Usually i avoid them, sometimes in a rush…they magically appear when no other cabs around. Sigh…