her collection of masks…

she opened her drawer and look thru her collection.

she flipped thru a few and decided on one.

it was suitable for the day and matched her dressing and mood.

she was sure that it would suit everyone.

she put it on and practiced a few lines for everyone.

yes, it looked fine.

another mask for the day. a few forced smiles for everyone.

she was smiling on the outside, looking every bit the outgoing gal everyone thought her to be.

but deep inside, a little girl weeps everyday.

her collection of masks grow larger everyday. one for everyone to see. for them to believe whatever she wants them to believe.

when will she ever be truly happy? when will she never feel the need to put on a mask?

it felt so ironic to her. she had so many friends but how many people can truely say they know her?

life was like a play to her. everyday she’s acting out a different scene for everyone.

she tucked the mask carefully in her dresser. it was time for a different mask, a different facade.

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