subcomm retreat…

am on my second day overnighting in school… am currently typing tis out at the lt where everyone is enjoying breakfast… *moanz*…. sad la, i fasting lah…. hungry… lol… camp was fun, @ least we interected wiv the subcomm, a lot of unknown faces, but frendly hearts… in here, we had the ‘angel and mortal’ thingy… i’m sure many ppl have playeed tat b4… so i shall not elaborate… my mortal was aya… i was trying to be sweet to rush to TM to get a stuffed toy and ‘pei pa kao’ but unfortunately shops are closed so i went to CHeers, thank god its 24 hours and i bought 3 items for her : strepsils (coz she had a sore throat), sour sweets (after spying, found out she likes tat) and tis peas tidbits thingy called “saya”… (rhymes wiv her name). so i sneaked it to her w/o her knowing but horror of all horrors! when i was trying to put the 3rd item in her bag, she came back and caught me!!!!! so sad!!!! bleah~…. sad….



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