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disgusting habits of the male species…

if you dun wanna read tis, just head to the next post where i put up stupid pics of myself. wahahhaaa.

– eating habits

1. eats with whipped potato piled on kfc chicken. *stares at mr kenny chan*
2. mixes chilli with whipped potato and coleslaw. *stares at the ex*
3. just shoves all the food in his mouth within 5 minutes w/o waiting for the ladies. *stares at most of the male species*
4. slurps
5. burps loudly
6. talks to the chicken *stares at mr kenny chan*
7. picking their teeth

– sleeping habits

1. snores
2. drools
3. yells, yes. talks in sleep and yell out some bullsh*t
4. farts
5. koala syndrome. hugs u as if your the tree.
6. snatches blanket
7. pushes into corner

– dating habits

1. staring at boobs not eyes
2. not being considerate enough to open doors
3. not pulling the chair AND sitting down first and making the lady walk further.
4. just walking fast and not waiting for the lady
5. while having an intense conversation, starts smsing.
6. talks about him, him, him and HIM.
7. doesnt even offer to pay the bill. please. at least offer, we will counter with going dutch after tat.
8. gets so nervous that when holding hands, we are pratically holding a wet towel
9. tries to slobber us. NO THANK YOU!
10. the ego man. only one ego man for me. GLENN ONG! yum.
11. cheats on girlfriend *yes i got cheated b4 by the ex. asshole*
12. goes out with other girls w/o at least having respect to let de gf know
13. paranoia. kenny chan explains it all.
14. hits women. those men are bastards.

– body language

1. checking out other girls
2. avoiding eye contact with date
3. shaking of legs
4. overly touchy
5. rolls eyes at what we have to say. *glares*

– personal hygiene

1. B.O.
2. the oil on the face! it is enough to fry an egg.
3. digging the nose. we DO notice.
4. not washing the hair. i swear i smell greasy hair.
5. bad breath. ’nuff said.
6. dandruff


wonder why the SNAGS and metrosexual guys are getting all the babes? coz they bother to take care of their appearance, first impressions and body language and what nots.

how many times do you sit opposite a date and feel like clubbing him with your heels/handbag/handphone?

or even your boyfriend.

chew with mouth open is not so bad. (not hinting anyone here. lalala) imagine him slobbering and shoving food like there is no tomorrow.

or him going on and on about his games (yes, sore point), himself probably feeling unappreciated or really some lame sh*t.

oh man. dates from hell.

and sometimes when the other half does that, don’t you juz feel like giving him a makeover? but love is blind. and usually one will just turn a closed eyes to these faults, like i have done previously.

and men moan and groan about how women don’t understand them.

make an effort. take a few lessons from metrosexual guys or even gays. at least they bother to make an effort. i got a feeling my male friends are gonna scold me. *hides*

here’s a cliche line: where have all the good men gone?

answer: their married or gay.

its the whole package baby.

note: mr kenny chan feels paranoid that the whole post is about him. everyone, onlie 2 of the habits (eating ones) he is guilty of. he DOES NOT check out my boobs, nor snatches my blankie or snores or drools. yes. he is indignant that i only mentioned two names and he insists ‘the ex’ isnt a name. looks like i have to add one more habit. paranoia. oh. for the record. kenny bites. tats another bad habit. 😀

tried pouting in the pic below however i seem to be making a good imitation of a duck instead. oh well.

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