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The Nuffnang Happy Birthday and NG’s videos!

So…. while I’m still waiting for pics from the rest, here’s Jayden’s and my video for Nuffnang!

Basically we were approached to come out with Happy Birthday vids for Nuffnang and Jayden and I decided to combine our “powers!”. (Apparently a lot of Nuffnangers thought that Jayden was my brother! Woot! I could only wish to have such a talented brother like him! Plus he can always photoshop my pics! *cough*)

If you found the video familiar, it’s because the idea was from our big idol! Happyslip! Wooot! And of course our video is nowhere as good as hers.

Credit goes to Fabian for being our patient videographer and Jayden for doing his amazing magic in editing it! We thought that the video was a bit too long though for some people looked bored. Oops!

Anyway, check out the NGs here!

I can’t believe we took 15 takes for that scene!!!! And of course we had many more NGs but we decided to show the funniest ones.

Enjoy!! 🙂

13 thoughts on “The Nuffnang Happy Birthday and NG’s videos!”

  1. Hey ya Nad… been reading ur blog a while now.. so was great to finally see you last weekend… and you’re even tinier in person than in your pics!! really cute. 🙂


  2. it was nice knowing u and getting to play scissors-paper-stone with u. i was the tall guy seated at the bar counter. u won all my friend’s money and tried to hit me as well.

    but u went away by just winning 10 bucks from me ….


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