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Truth or Fail – Nadia & Jayden edition


Remember the previous entry on PSB? This time round, Jayden and I sat in a Bachelor of Science (Sport Science) class!

It was really interesting! As someone who occasionally participates in sporty activities, I really enjoyed myself!

What do you mean I’m not sporty at all?!?! I think I’m sporty at times wor! Evidence here!

I run occasionally! Participated in last years GE10k and Standchart 10km run. This year I’ve signed up for the Shape 10k run! I’ve also signed up for the Standchart 10km together with chingchongboy!

I blade and iceskate!

I enjoy water activities!

I love speed! Be it playing go-kart or on Ccb’s bike!

Recently, I just went on an open water diving course with Fidelis and I had so much fun! Unfortunately because I did not warm up properly before my dive, I suffered from bad muscle cramps. It was really scary! Did you know that muscle cramps are caused by improper warmup, excessive usage of a muscle, fatigue, stress or dehydration?

Did you know that you can learn about such information in a few of the modules in the Sport Science programme?

If you enjoy sports as much as I do, you should definitely pursue your interests and consider signing up for a Bachelor of Science (Sport Science)! The degree is good for people who live and breathe sports! I think it’ll be fun studying something you are really passionate about!

And in the meantime, do check out Jayden’s and my version of Truth or Fail! If you haven’t heard of Truth or Fail, you should totally smack yourself! Go youtube it!

So how well did you do? Let me know!

Last but not least, here are some fun facts about PSB!

PSB Academy is an official supporter of YOG 2010! UWA and PSB Academy are premier partners of The Singapore Arts Festival 2010 for the 2nd year running. A school that cares!

2 thoughts on “Truth or Fail – Nadia & Jayden edition”

  1. just saw this. good job on the truth or fail series of videos sia!! must have been fun!! I love keeping you and jayden wait while I think which choice to make!! hahaha


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