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the jim beam party.

quite some time ago, yan (my primary school friend who i have not met in years! say, 11 years?) asked me to join him in the jim beam party. free flow for 2 (or was it 3) hours! i asked joshie along too. the party was at velvet dragon (previously momo and now something else, i cant remember. the club keeps changing names!)

pictorial entry! enjoy! basically i had fun that day. havent met joshie in years and finally introduced yan to joshie. back in 1998, we 3 used to talk on the phone, 3 way calling and such. and those 2 doesnt even know each other! 🙂

makeup does wonders. 🙂

joshie doofus! who says ex-es cant be friends? we’ve been friends for 8 years now!

yan. apparently he’s the hotguy in whosgoing. check out his right hand! so shy, dont even dare to put hand around me. 😛

then yan disappeared. so joshie and i camwhored the night away, while drinking and dancing.


stick your tongues out! we look damn ugly here man. lol.

mischievous look! lol

then the tweese starts coming out!

he looks fierce. lol.

look how strong i got after a few drinks!

and joshie doofus is too drunk to carry the bottle. hurhurhur.

it was fun, simple and good. joshie! when astons? 🙂

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