Travel Yours truly...

(some of the) places i’ll like to travel to.

  1. seattle. to finally get a chance to meet tom. 🙂 one of my favourite readers since 2005 who have always sent me encouraging emails. thanks tom!
  2. japan. angelia’s trip looks so much fun!!!!!
  3. korea, i want to go to jeju island! the teddybear museum!
  4. europe. hopefully will be able to go backpack after my graduation. MUST do so before i turn 26.
  5. bangkok. yes, again next year. hopefully if things work out, i’ll be able to travel with one of my favourite couples. shop till you drop!
  6. australia. i just love the place. been to perth and brisbane, i want to travel to sydney and melbourne. which reminds me, i should be updating on my australia trip soon.
  7. phuket/redang/tioman. for a short relaxing trip. the sun, the sea and no shopping. lol. no snorkelling pls. the fishes scares the hell out of me.

there are so many places i’ll like to travel to but these 7 places are those i would wish to travel to within the next 2 – 3 years. 🙂

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