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the ice cream chefs experience.

quite some time ago, i met up with a few of the barflies for dinner and dessert at katong.

they were all late! bah.

anyway, outfit of the day.

I love this teeshirt! (close up later) paired with skinny jeans and my fave white heels (which broke. argh)

Good slogan eh? πŸ˜›

check out my reverse french! (and the last sight of my fave heels)

we headed to astons and i won’t be doing a review for that since i did one previously.

it’s a pity it wasn’t as great as last time though.

anyway the highlight of the day was icecreamchefs. a note of caution: the place was a little “ulu” to me.

i have heard so much about the place and i was mustering up my courage to ask if i could have a chance at doing my mix in for myself.

but turns out the place was packed that day! and i chickened out. damn.

anyway we spotted cute tiny chairs near the counter!

cute! do you think i can fit in them?

yes i can!

basically i chose 2 flavours (hershey’s chocolate & peanut butter) and 2 toppings (cornflakes and koko krunch) to mix in and even took a video of it. the guy who served me, blue eyes was very nice and explained to me patiently on what’s the procedure like.

here’s my final product

i love the icecream. i thought that it was really innovative that we could mix in different and flavour. it’s really a unique concept and it’s really delish!

my only gripes was that the place was too cramped and the “ulu” location. i can’t imagine organising a huge ass outing there man. the staff were great, friendly and cheery which totally brightened the atmosphere. tastewise was fabulous! i would love to have another go at their icecream!
it’s pretty obvious that my friends enjoyed themselves too!

lp is enjoying his icecream!

km is trying to steal mine! bad boy!

i wonder if i’ll have the chance to do a mix in myself. heh. it would be fun! can i? πŸ˜›
nadnut’s rating on ambience, food, service and value for money:

if you’ll like to check out the place, here’s the details:

Ice Cream Chefs
520 East Coast Road #01-06 (Ocean Park)
Tel: 64466355
Beside St. Patricks School & Along East Coast Road.


  1. such a concept can be found in cold rock ice creamery in holland v too. it’s near the stretch where nydc is. =) not so ulu.

    nadnut: holland v is too far for meeeeee. πŸ™


  2. hey, i really like ur voice.
    didnt expect u to sound like that tho.

    how much did ur icecream cost ya?

    nadnut: erm, what did you expect? πŸ˜› i can’t remember the price but i think about 7 bucks?


  3. actually… the draw of ice cream chef is its ice cream also. The home grown and made flavours and more intense and natural =).

    As far as I know, ICC also does parties outside! Meaning if you have a location, they can bring the ice cream and mix ins to you. =)

    nadnut: let’s go there again!


  4. The icecream place is near to where I’m staying, might just head down one of these days.

    nadnut: ooh. didnt know you read my blog! i love your cupcakes! had a taste of them once and i’m hungry for more! πŸ˜›


  5. DK – so do I! Once in a while it’s worth it… plus the flavours are different (and lots cheaper) than Cold Rock. There are a lot of places that offer the mixing thing, but the ice cream has to be good first =) Maybe if we go there often enough they will open a branch in the west!


  6. Hey, the friendly peeps over at ice cream chefs allowed me to do my own mix in. It was pretty fun! You should have asked them for a go.
    Overall, great, thick and delish ice cream.

    nadnut: heh but it was too crowded that day… πŸ™ maybe shall ask them another time! love the icecream man!


  7. hey girl – just want to tel you that top down shoots make you look very stumpy. and you look good real life so get more flattering shoots! just sharing my advice as a freelance photog. and ice cream chef is guuud.

    nadnut: oops. eh freelance photog ah? TFCD! πŸ˜›


  8. This same concept can be found at the icecream chain Cold Stone in the States. Was my fave ice cream store to go to, even in the dead of winter lol.

    nadnut: *wails* i wanna go states!!


  9. hehe, we did a project on ICC last semester. The ice cream’s really great. I heard from friends that the ice cream that Cold Rock serves is incomparable. Did u try the durian ice cream? It’s really goooooood

    nadnut: damn. didn’t get to try the durian icecream. next time!


  10. hello dear may i know where u got your white bag from? thanks πŸ™‚

    nadnut: i got the bag from bangkok, chatucak market. πŸ™‚