10 days back to back…

today marks the last of the ten days (3 of them = 3 hours of sleep a day only) that i have been working back to back. and i will be using the rest of my annual leave to take leave on thurs and fri to recuperate.

hell, im mentally and physically exhausted. and dont think its good that i get to rest on thurs and fri. cause my previous weekend was burnt out and i have to use my leave (NOTE: no off lor!) to rest and i wasnt paid for the extra hours/days put in. -_-”

somehow, the odds are against me.

due to the lack of sleep, my body is betraying me. i fell sick during the event and right now, i have a severe cough and sore throat.

so instead of having fun during my leave, i guess i’ll really have to rest.


it seems i have to go back to work on friday to clear up some invoices. aye. on my day of leave indeed.

why am i whining/ranting here? because some friends keep saying how good it is i have leave on thurs and fri and how GOOD i should feel. and how i should just shut up on my leave. hello?!?!

tmd you. thurs and friday is like my last weekend lor. irritated! this is leave not off. stupid!

and ten days back to back aint no joke. especially when there is an event and rushing to close accounts for financial year closing. zzzzzz

ps: thanks to those who understand and are supportive and have been listening from day one till now. *hugs*

5 thoughts on “10 days back to back…”

  1. Just dropping a note wish you a speedy recovery and remember to drink water hor.

    I was just thinking if you have to go back on Friday and eating into your leave, why not tahan a bit more and move your leave to monday and tuesday? either way also super long weekend. Tio bor?

    nadnut: lol. i need to clear leave by end of my financial year else leave forfeitted. end of financial year is end of this month. suay lor. hahahaa


  2. darn. sounds like a lose-lose situation for you. anyways, do try to get as much sleep as you can. hope you recover soon and have a bit of fun before you head back to work. 🙂

    nadnut: yeap. will do! thanks!


  3. come out on friday (i.e. later) la, unless u got program liaos ;p

    and hoi, don’t put (they stalk moi) under my heading, put (he stalk moi) ;p I’m the only one under that hall of fame leh!

    nadnut: hahahaa. -_-“. friday no plans leh.


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