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The Great Eastern Women’s 10km and the Stanchart 10km run!

Remember my first 10km post and the what’s in my bag post? Did another 2 more 10km runs this year. Altogether I’ve done 3 this year! Shape, GE10k and Stanchart!

I think I should really start training and improve my timing. Perhaps go for the 21km within the next two years?

Jio-ed Gracey for the GE10k, I thought Jolin signed up but didn’t see her! Pictorial entry hre!

Made the poor ching chong boy wait for me. :p

Hehhee he looks so grumpy! I dunno why was he using my headphones that way…

With Gracey babe!

Before the run!

And off we went! We then met up at McDonalds in the end and took more pics! Hurhur, we girls split up after like the first km!


I had psychoed ching chong boy to sign up for Stanchart with me and he did!

I think I did very badly this year for Stanchart. I felt really really weak and tired and extreemely dehydrated. It wasn’t as if it was my first 10km run.. and it really felt weird. I felt so thirsty and the heat was killing me to the point that I felt faint.

The only reason I could think of is that we had started at a later time than the other runs and it was really too hot. (our group was the last group and flagged off an hour later than other runs)

In any case, I’m going to put in more effort and train before hand. I really did not enjoy this run at all as compared to the rest.

the only good thing is that the boy really enjoyed himself in his first 10km run and hewould like to sign up for more! yay!

Am contemplating signing up for the night run next year. Has anyone went for one of those? Which do you prefer? Night or day runs? And why? Tips on running would be great too!

Thanks in advance guys!

2 thoughts on “The Great Eastern Women’s 10km and the Stanchart 10km run!”

  1. Wow, you went for 2 runs! That’s great. I notice the trend of people signing up and going for these runs!

    I have never succeeded in getting myself to jog around my estate. Perhaps I should try this next year.

    By the way there’s also the adidas King of The Road Run next year on 28 August. You going for that?


    nadnut Reply:

    Hmmmmm! Shall consider!


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