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In more ways than one #1 – The white petticoat

I had this idea ages ago after flipping countless of CLEO magazines where they show you how to use one outfit in so many ways. And since I love clothes, then began the idea of creating a series of “In more ways than one!”

Today’s outfit is the…

White petticoat which I’ve gotten from fellow Majolica Majorca blog ambassador Huirong’s blogshop!

The white petticoat can be used on it’s own ala a dress or used for layering!

I’ve used it here as a layering piece. I matched it with the black lace overlay dress that I’ve gotten from Simplifiquez. Very sweet! You can also wear the petticoat under dresses which are a bit translucent.

I’ve also matched it with my lace tank top from TheBlogShop and my favourite retro shorts from Bugis Village.

You can also use the white petticoat on it’s own, just accessorise with it!

I matched my black gagaish jacket (check out the sleeves!) from TheBlogShop here!

Or you can use it as a spag! I paired it with the Black Jumpsuit from Simplifiquez here!

Petticoats are very versatile and every girl should own one. What are your other must-haves? What kind of clothes would you like me to showcase in “In more ways than one”?

Suggestions please!

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