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My first 10km run!

I first decided to challenge myself to run 10km last year. and so I did after seeking some advise from friends like Josephine…

I signed up with her for the GE 10km run and while I had many grand plans to start training months in advance etc and all, truth to be told, I only managed to run one round of Bedok Reservoir Park weeks before the run.

Ching chong boy kindly fetched me before the run and waited throughout while I went for my run. So sweet of him! <3

I met up with Jo and we camwhored before going for the run…

Looking at our numbers, you can see that I signed up way later than Jo did! Quite happy that I could put “nadnut” on my bib!

Please pardon the makeupless face!

Truth to be told, I did not expect the crowd at all. There were many instances where I was rudely shoved and nearly fell but I guess it should be expected with the number of people there.

We had wanted to run together but in the end, we split up. The first few kms were easy but nearing the end, my muscles were shouting in protest and I really had to push myself to finish the run.

I was pretty satisfied with my race timing considering the fact that this lazy piece of lard did not exercise at all. I finished a few seconds shy of 1 hour and 30 mins!

Some super unglam pictures of sweaty old me.


I later pushed myself to go for another run in the later part of the year with the mothership!

This time it was the Stanchart run. Mum had signed up for her first 10km and I was a bit worried about her.

We ran together and whenever she stopped, I encouraged her to continue and even ran the last 5km hand in hand. I even had to half drag her for the last km! LOL! I’m so proud of her! 53 years old and she finished a 10km run! I want to do another run with her hand in hand. It was a great mother-daughter bonding session for both of us.

Reason why I’m writing this post is to remind myself that the (what seems) impossible for me can be achieved!

This year, I’ve signed up for the Shape Run (10km) and sadly none of my friends will be going with me. Anyone else going? Shall we encourage each other?

For the Stanchart run later this year, I’ll be going with Ching Chong Boy! I’ve also signed up for the Ge10k this year, anyone else going too? I hope to be able to stop procrastinating and start training and hopefully in a few years time, I’ll be able to complete my first half marathon!

And if you do see me at the Shape Run this year, please do say hi! (and ignore the ugly makeupless face!)

Please do share your stories of your accomplishments or training methods! If you have a running schedule, do share!

4 thoughts on “My first 10km run!”

  1. hey been reading ur blog for quite some time.. signed up for GE but non of my frens are going.. boo…cos most of my gal friends dont run ><

    anywayz seeing ur entry inspired me to start training again (esp aft being on MC for 6 weeks)… hahaha cos i have the YR run coming up…

    hope to see ya around! 😀


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