the failing health…

as compared to the last few years, it seems that i’m getting healthier due to NO MORE tonsilitis! no more being sick for more than a week (though, no more losing 3kg within 2 days too)

but it seems that… i have been falling sick even more often as compared to prior to the operation. i know that tonsils are part of the body’s immune system… but but…. i shouldnt be falling sick so often!

right now, i can feel my that my throat is rather inflamed. i have been feeling a bit warm and aching all over.

its the sign…

the sign of the dreaded flu.

NO! i must fight this war!!!!!!! especially not when my dinner & dance is tomorrow! i shall not succumb to this! fruits, veggies and vitamic C!

now, where is tiger when i need him? bleah.

11 thoughts on “the failing health…”

  1. yeah, dun forget to drink lots of water and plenty of sleep.

    take care, yah? 🙂

    nadnut: yes sir! it sucks falling sick on a weekend. should fall sick on weekdays.. mc!


  2. tiger’s being confined behind 4 fences in the zoo. =)
    aiya eat more, sleep more, drink more. =)
    (I nv say what hor. So pls dun include redbull)
    oh yah, see when i free den teach u that thingy..

    nadnut: yeah lor. thanks! 🙂


  3. Oh dear… Take care, babe.. Get some good rest 🙂

    nadnut: thanks sweetie! will zzzz my weekend away! heh!


  4. nad! must take care!!!
    and stay away from cookies! hahaha
    drink loads of water! =]

    nadnut: hee! thanks babe!


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