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what did you do during your weekend?

i had a loooooooooooong weekend that my sleeping pattern is all screwed up right now. i now sleep at around 5am – 6am and get up at 2pm. -_-” i had my d&d on friday.


yes i dyed my hair a darker colour ;).

performances were put up by our various department. some were good while some were so-so but they put in so much effort that it looked great all the same.

the emcee sucks. ah-beng slang so doesnt work for our company.

i was looking thru the events proposal. considering my previous work experiences, i was quite disgusted at the proposal. paid so much for nothing spectacular. it was a terror trying to get a cab, thankfully a colleague who stayed in the east too, gave me a ride home. 🙂

overslept on saturday and made poor jen and ben waited a looooooooong time for meh. *paiseh*

we decided to bake cookies that day. we even tried out a huuuuuuuge cookie ala famous amos. came out quite nice! played with icing too. those instant icing is tmd damn hard to squeeze. squeeeeeeeze until hand pain.

baking session

after baking, we were so tired that we felt toooooo tired to eat the cookies. so mrkennychan and ben had to eat them. now, come to think of it, i didnt recall mrkennychan even eating any cookie at all! -__-”

after the whole baking session, the girls sat down for some harry potter game while ben taught me how to assemble my first gundam model! (not that i have an interest in gundam models. tiger is the one. i just decided to try out a model to understand his fascination with them)

gundam model

its rather scary listening to the girls. they practically memorised the movies/books. heh heh. another kind of nerds aye? 😉

with some expert guidance from ben, i managed to fix the model. thanks ben!


i never knew ben had a streak of “gay-ness” in him. always saw him as jen’s loving bf. always so sweet. till i saw a msg from jenny.

we were discussing who to call for mahjong the night before and jen mentioned that ben missed mrkennychan. o.O ooooookay! *cough*

we played 2 rounds of mahjong that night and watched countless of vcds. i finally dragged myself home and slept at 9am. and it was sweet slumber till 6pm in the evening that day.

didnt i tell you that my sleeping pattern is now screwed up? now, what did you do during your weekend?

12 thoughts on “what did you do during your weekend?”

  1. lol sweetie, i’ve got 14 boxes of gundam seed figurines lying around the house because of my brother who’s a huge fan.. my sleeping pattern was somewhat similar too this weekend.. Hope the coming weekend would be so much better.. =)

    nadnut: o.O so many figurines!!!! tiring hor? cant wait to zzzzz………



    nice nice 🙂

    i feel so tired for u & sunshine.. hehe

    take care 🙂

    nadnut: hot? u mean the weather aye? yeah… tired!


  3. lol… thats a Ageis Gundam you built there, piloted by Athrun Zala, right?. i used to make the larger gundam models and still have quite a few lying around collecting dust. kinda lost my interest recently due to the follow-up Gundam anime. :p

    wah, your weekend sounds cool, despite a screwed-up sleeping pattern. you get to make cookies and play mahjong. are you gonna send some over to tiger? 😀

    my weekend? lets just say that the movie ‘A History Of Violence’ was a waste of 2 hours and $12. (-.-)

    nadnut: send to tiger? no way! hahahahaa


  4. Spent my weekend squeezing with ppl at IT Show.. so stupid.. sighz..

    nadnut: ooooh. did u manage to grab anything there?


  5. OH MANN!!! that was really cool! i had so much fun! must do it again soon k! i wonder what happened to the cookies though.. haha ! take care girlie! =D

    nadnut: yes sweetie. we MUST do it again! 🙂


  6. oh aegis… i wanted to get the 1/100 scale model…
    tot u’re gonna get the mono-eyed freak though… =D
    oh well… hahaha…

    nadnut: lol. what mono-eyed freak??


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