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A Bintany Time! Part 5: Dinner

As told to me by Tiger…

After heading back to our rooms for a short bit, it was time to get ready for dinner. The day’s activities had left us famished and we were definitely looking forward to FOOD. At least Tiger was. Meow. Tigers don’t really need to do much to get dressed (because we look good normally), so he went around taking pictures of nadnut getting ready.

After getting evurly stared at and told to go away, nadnut was finally ready and we drove down to the beach again, but this time to the Nelayan Surf and Turf Grill House where a feast awaited us. (Damn writing this post is making Tiger hungry all over again. Meow.)

Nom nom nom nom

After we finished our very delicious and filling dinners, BLR brought us to Silk for some drinks and to soak in the music of the live band. Jen Jen had asked for a song and the singer came over to our tables to perform.

But the show’s not over till the ladies pose for pics so….

Next up: Day 2’s Wrap Up and Goodbyes!

Btw, all pics were taken with the Canon 1000D.

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