the bloody long weekend part two

i was supposed to meet the gals the next day (sat) at 12.30 for a nice lunch at a japanese restaurant. however after the day’s before party, in which i only got home close to 6am…

i overslept. i only got up at 12.20…


rushed and rushed and rushed and managed to reach the restaurant at 2pm.

*shamed face*

had a good lunch. damn. wasted i didnt take any pics! my first time trying pork tenderloins. hmmm. taste like chicken to me.


we then went off to a few shops for some window-shopping. it was there where gracey and i spotted a rather interesting chocolate bar.

why is it interesting?

here’s a pic of me with the bar. :p

eat me wont u?

yum. so would u?

eat the bar i meant.. *cough*

muahahahaaa. just realised that there is a warning “May contain traces of nuts” in caps on the bar. LOL!

we headed off to starbucks where the gossip bonding session starts. sometimes its tiring going out in big groups where u dun even interact with some people. give me small groups anytime.

i guess i have become less outgoing. i find it tiring meeting new people sometimes and small talk really bores me.

one thing i kind of dislike doing is meeting friends of friends. i hate it when people go ‘can i bring a friend?’ or ask me along for some outings where its all THEIR friends. aiyoh. imagine all the forced smiles! and all the mindless chatter!

sometimes i rather just go for cozy meetings and one on one dates. more meaningful 🙂

as i mention, small talk bores me. and yes i digressed again.

after starbucks where we ‘relax one corner’ for a rather long time… we headed off to wala wala. it was a girls night out. 4 girls and a she-male.

now now. guess who’s lips are these….

the four “models” : curiousgeorge, winter, missy and me!


pretty simple, pretty cozy and comfortable. music was great as always.

check out shirlyn’s and cg’s shirts!

monkeys' shirts

but hor! shirlyn dedicate a song to me hor.

SHIRLYN! where’s my ten inches? 😛

headed off to supper at mr bean’s at selegie. the last time i was there was when i was working. my first job after graduation to be exact.

tiring day. concussed almost immediately when i was back.

10 thoughts on “the bloody long weekend part two”

  1. winter> lol. dunno leh?

    cg> posting them on the weekend! lazy to resize and all… hahahaa 😉

    frenie> hahaa. difficult hor?

    gracey & zhebin> i cant reveal the answers. a certain *cough* lady threatened me not to tell anyone or else….

    missy> later u kena whack by her also then u know!

    spunky> i think if u have met the 10 inches, ull be keeping him to urself. :P. sure, u can use the peekture. do u have lyrics to that song?


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